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September 2014


School Budget Cuts

May 2, 2011

There were a lot of cutbacks made in Madison to balance the budget and many fell upon schools. Have you noticed any changes at your school?


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Dave C. | Oconomowoc WI
Apr 18, 2012 9:40 PM

Today 15 or so teachers were let go from Oconomowoc High School.

Pete H. | Oconomowoc, WI
Apr 20, 2012 10:27 PM

It's time for the public schools to tighten their belts after running up property tax bills for decades. There's no room for fat cats anymore. Time to be more fiscally responsible and it starts in your own backyard.

jg | summit
Apr 23, 2012 8:49 PM

Oh, how could I forget........ The Pensions. Most people in the private sector don't get a pension anymore (usually a 401K), but when they do, they actually have to make a contribution towards it. It only makes sense. But teachers think that is a hardship. They expect the taxpayers to fund that too. At least now, with Act 10, we only have to pay it once. Since we pay their salaries, we still pay for their pensions, but not over and above what it was before. And one last issue........... sick days. Anywhere in the private sector, we are allotted sick days for the year. If we don't take them, we start over the next year, unlike teachers and public employees, who actually accumulate them over the years. This is rediculous. You could have a teacher work for 30 years and accumulate 300 paid sick days (10 per year for 30 years). That's like getting paid for another 2 years. So if they went to work they got paid, but then they would get paid again for the sick days they didn't take. Sure, that makes sense, especially since the taxpayers were paying for it. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. It's really hard to sympathize with any teachers. They should be glad for the reforms from Act 10, because without it, many more would be losing their jobs, because we couldn't afford to contiunue this path to bankruptcy. There were many reasons why the state was over $3 billion in debt and public employee salaries and benefits, especially teachers, were responsible for most of it. Yes, that is why we need to recall Walker, so we can get back to the good old days of fiscal irresponsibility.

Apr 25, 2012 6:45 PM

jg, YOu should really get the facts straight before you post your information. Teachers do not get paid for all of their accumulated sick days. Most schools have caps at 50 days and then you only get paid a fraction of your daily pay. You also need to learn what the letter QEO stand for. Teachers spent 16 years, starting in 1994, under this law created by Tommy Thompson which amounted for raises that were less than 1%. The trade off was good benefits. Those of you in private industry were doing realy well back then, but teachers were being discriminated against, just like they are now. Why didn't every taxpayer in Wisconsin "share in the pain"? Why was the budget balanced soley on the backs of public employees? It's always a good idea for the person that doesn't have to do it, isn't it jg?

Apr 27, 2012 8:33 PM

Quit lying about the QEO law. It basically guarantied a 3.8% plus lane chances raise, average of 4.3% EVERY YEAR tot he total compensation package. While total compensation at Fortune 500 companies was stagnant or worse, professional staff kept getting their raises, even if they were no more valuable to students that next year. Act 10 was the best single piece of school reform law to pass in Wisconsin ever. The one way ratchet of less work and more money for teachers enforced by pattern bargaining and arbitrators that were all in the pocket of WEAC prevented any meaningful change in education for years. The changes being made in innovative districts will show that a better education can be had at a better cost than the old system was ever going to provide. Teachers always want to measure input effort, not results. Measuring and providing incentive's for results will mean real growth for student learning.

jg | summit
Apr 30, 2012 8:54 AM

I would like for a public school teacher to name one private sector employer that offers tenure, so they can't fire any of their employees after 3 years of service. I would like to hear about one private sector employer that doesn't have their employees pay anything towards their health insurance premiums and deductables and offer the best health care plans money (taxpayers) can buy. I would like to hear about any private sector employer that wouldn't fire or reprimand an employee because that employee missed work to go out and protest and lie about it. I would like to hear about a private sector employer that gives 3 months vacation, as well as extended days off during Chrismas and Easter. I would like to hear about a private sector employer that lets employees accumulate sick days, when they are not even sick. I would like to hear about a private sector employer that doesn't require their employees to contribute towards their own retirement fund. I would like to hear about a voter that votes republican and likes the fact that his/her tax dollars go to pay teachers, who are forced to pay union dues and those union dues become contributions to the democrat party. I would like to hear about all the teachers who don't like the idea that they have to join a union and get the same pay raise as everyone else and are forced to pay union dues for things they don't believe in. I would like to hear about a union contract that last forever. It seems like these public school teachers think that once they have a contract with all these outrageous benefits, that they are entitled to them forever. I would like to hear about all the taxpayers that believe the public employees they support with their taxes should get better benefits than they do. I would like to hear about all the taxpayers in Wisconsin who think their property taxes aren't high enough. Evidently they haven't been out of state to compare.

R Bergersen | Hartland
May 01, 2012 6:19 PM

My neighbors who have children in the area schools have told me that they have only good things to say regarding how things are being handled. Their and my hope as a tax payer is that we take full advantage of the tools given to us by our legislators in Madison to manage our resources, keep costs down and educational quality at our expected levels. We should continue to see positive returns on insurance costs, teacher contracts, and setting expectations for the teachers who work with our children. If these gains do not continue or not met, than we as voters need to act and make changes within Administration and the School Board of our schools.


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