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Court Actions 07/01/12

The convictions listed below come straight from the records of Lake Country Municipal Court, Pewaukee Village Municipal Court, Waukesha Municipal Court or City of Pewaukee Municipal Court. To the best of our knowledge, each case is new and distinct. Any repetition of the same conviction is caused by municipal court offices and is not the fault of this newspaper. The convictions are for fines of $100 and greater. Our goal is to publish convictions within about three months of the court date.

Ditarijus Adomenas, 44, Nashotah, unnecessary noise, $177; Lori E. Albert, 49, Sussex, operating under the influence, $668; Zachary C. Borkenhagen, 19, Hartland, following too closely, $114; Aleda W. Bourassa, 56, Oconomowoc, improper stop/turn signal, $195.90.

James T. Bretza, 26, Sussex, operating while suspended, $114; Zachary R. Bretzel, 18, Oconomowoc, possession of drug paraphernalia, $240 and disorderly conduct, $240; Andrew Jeffrey Brinsko, 18, Ixonia, possession of marijuana, $555.

Hannah R. Burgett, 18, Hartland, truancy, $114; Alexandra Burgos, 22, Ixonia, speeding, $139.20; Owen J. Burke, 48, Pewaukee, speeding, $114.

Kyle W. Callies, 18, Oconomowoc, possession of drug paraphernalia, $429 and possession of marijuana, $429; Justin L. Caves, 38, Oconomowoc, no driver's license on person, $114; Barbara L. Clark, 53, Oconomowoc, speeding, $139.20.

Daniel E. Comerford, 44, Colgate, speeding, $114; Leah Kathryn Daniels, 21, Hartland, unnecessary noise, $107.70; Erik M. Defries, 23, Oconomowoc, disorderly conduct, $240.

Anthony C. Degrazio, 18, Colgate, impede traffic, $126.60; Mark J. Denk, 50, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $126.60; Michael B. Dermody, 66, Oconomowoc, theft-movable property, $114.

Kenneth L. Downey, 60, Oconomowoc, operating under influence, $114; Katherine A. Driscoll, 23, Oconomowoc, speeding, $114; Hannah T. Eastburn, 20, Oconomowoc, slow speed, $114.

Cynthia L. Fawley, 29, disorderly conduct-motor vehicle, $114; Matt P. Foltz, 47, Dousman, required disable parking, $221.10; William A. Frederick, 46, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $177.

Mark J. Friday, 53, Oconomowoc, operating while intoxicated, $829; Joshua D. Gazdecki, 22, Oconomowoc, speeding, $303; Gill & Hecher Dentists, Oconomowoc, snow/ice left on walks, $126.60.

Nancy A. Goetz, 59, Sussex, impede traffic, $114; Jo Ann M. Graewin, 61, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $177; Brandon S. Gray, 22, Sussex, unnecessary noise, $177.

Nathan T. Grendahl, 29, Oconomowoc, slow speed, $126.60; Dalton J. Haines, 20,Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $126.60; James R. Hake, 20, Oconomowoc, operating without carrying a license, $177.

Barbara M. Hampton, 53, Oconomowoc, improper stop/turn signal, $114; Amanda M. Hoppe, 30, Oconomowoc, retail theft, $321.12; Joseph P. Howard, 20, Oconomowoc, slow speed, $240.

Briona L. Jemison, 18, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $177; Brady R. Johnson, 18, Delafield, speeding, $126.60; Adina M. Karklus, 41, Oconomowoc, loud noise, $177, possession of drug paraphernalia, $429 and disorderly conduct, $429.

Anthony J. Karklus, Oconomowoc, 43, loud noise, $177; Ryan F. Kircher, 18, Okauchee, possession of marijuana, $429; April L. Koehler, 39, Oconomowoc, operating motor vehicle in unsafe manner, $114.

Kyle R. Kreuser, 28, Pewaukee, speedometer, $114; Robert J. Kuenn, 42, Hartland, obstructing traffic, $114; Abigail R. Lavine, 18, Oconomowoc, speeding, $114; Kevin Bruce Lease, 50, Oconomowoc, speeding, $114.

Jeffrey W. Lobb, 23, Oconomowoc, speeding, $145.50; James R. Mahaney, 76, Hartland, slow speed, $114; Brett V. Mantei, 47, Hartland, speeding, $126.60.

John E. Manthey, 47, Oconomowoc, loud noise, $177; Christopher W. Matthews, 18, Oconomowoc,possession of drug paraphernalia, $429; Daniel J. McAleavey, 54, Oconomowoc, loud noise, $177.

Annamarie McAlpin, 18, Oconomowoc, loud noise, $126.60; David E. Milner, 49, Pewaukee, speeding, $114; Leslie A. Moats, 40, Hartland, slow speed, $114.

Shaun Mathew Mueller, 19, Sussex, concealed carry weapon, $303; Carol A. Murphy, 59, Dousman, speeding, $114; Aubrey E. Nease, 75, Oconomowoc, operating under the influence, $844.

Robert C. Nolan, 18, Oconomowoc, possession of drug paraphernalia, $429; Michael B. Oleary, 50, Oconomowoc, speeding, $170.70; Daniel K. Olson, 61, Oconomowoc, open burning prohibited, $114.

Fred T. Orth, 45, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $126.60; Celeste A. Ortmeier, 44, Nashotah, speedometer, $126.60; Louis A. Papp, 62, Dousman, zone and posted limits, $114.

Kelly Diane Parish, 25, Oconomowoc, failure to stop for school bus, $240; Renee K. Pearson, 51, Oconomowoc, interference with traffic sign/signal, $126.6; William Peebles, 75, Oconomowoc, burning without a permit, $114.

Karen J. Peskie, 52, Pewaukee, unnecessary noise, $126.60; Joseph W. Piette, 40, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $126.60; Melissa A. Pinter, 43, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $126.60.

Broc W. Powers, 26, Okauchee, disorderly conduct, $221.10; Limber Jose Prats Hernandez Prats, 35, Nashotah, consumption on public property, $177; Marsha M. Raniewicz, 67, Oconomowoc, speeding,$114.

Autumn R. Ries, 18, Oconomowoc, slow speed, $114; Thomas Roberts-Al-Maghrabi, 18, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $177; Drew C. Rodeman, 22, Dousman, slow speed, $114.

Karen A. Rudolph, 51, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $177; Anastacio Samanosanchez, 26, Oconomowoc, operating without carrying a license, $177; Jeffrey K. Schramm, 25, Sussex, disorderly conduct, $271.50.

Patrick J. Schroede, 27, Oconomowoc, disorderly conduct, $139.20; Gregory T. Schwenke, 26, Hartland, unnecessary noise, $126.60; James G. Simaras, 46, Oconomowoc, burning permits, $177.

Tyller E. Smith, 18, Pewaukee, possession of drug paraphernalia, $366 and possession of marijuana, $366; Traci L. Sobstad, 35, Oconomowoc, speeding, $114; Derek M. Spies, 20, Oconomowoc, violation of TCS by vehicle, $126 and operating while intoxicated, $816.

Sarah Stark, 56, Oconomowoc, operating with a suspended license, $114; Keith M. Steward, 53, Oconomowoc, speeding, $139.20; Olivier J. Stoquart, 45, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $126.60.

Joseph L. Strick, 33, Pewaukee, impeding traffic, $114; Daniel J. Sutyak, 27, Sussex, unnecessary noise, $177; Thomas G. Thompson, 26, North Prairie, unnecessary noise, $177.

Costin A. Turtureanu, 25, Oconomowoc, speeding, $139.20; Deborah A. Tynan, 35, Dousman, speeding, $114; Paul C. Vondrak, 47, Nashotah, operating while intoxicated, $829.

Daniel A.Vuk, 26, Oconomowoc, retail theft, $366; Richard T. Wackett, 51, Sussex, unnecessary noise, $177; EmmaL. Walczak, 24, Oconomowoc, speeding, $114.

Jo Ann Werther, 54, Oconomowoc, slow speed, $126.60; Robert M. West, 64, Oconomowoc, unnecessary noise, $126; Sarah J. White, 34, Lisbon, speeding, $114.

Terry L. White, 57, Colgate, improper stop signal, $195.90; Gerald J. Wolf, 43, Oconomowoc, speeding, $177; Terrence N. Wolfe, 65, Oconomowoc, speeding, $114.

Woodland Trust, Oconomowoc, snow/ice left on walks, $151.60; Catherine E. Zastrow, 20, Nashotah, unnecessary noise, $177; Amiee L. Zeutzius, 43, Oconomowoc, failure to obey signal, $114.

Lorse F. Ausbon, 81, Pewaukee, disorderly conduct, $164; Mary P. Brandenburg, 47, Pewaukee, operating after revocation/suspension, $114; Joseph William Cascio, 24, Pewaukee, possession of drugs, $618 and possession of drug paraphernalia, $429.

Timothy M. Cieminski, 23, Pewaukee, no insurance, $114; Dagoberto Cortes Arreola, 53, Pewaukee, no insurance, $114; Jose Armand Cortes-Carabante, 33, Pewaukee, operating after revocation/suspension, $114.

Stefanie M. Dailey, 23, Pewaukee, unnecessary noise, $208.50; David Jon Drewek, 57,Pewaukee, speedometer, $114; Anthony L. Evens, 27, Pewaukee, obstructing traffic, $101.40.

Tony V. Harding, $36, Pewaukee, disorderly conduct, $429; Jeffrey L. Harryman II, 30, Pewaukee, no insurance, $114; Christopher S. Heinskill, 41, Oconomowoc, disorderly conduct, $292.

Jason D. Honaker, 32, Sussex, speedometer, $114; Jonathan J. Hrabik, 22, Pewaukee, accelerating vehicle, $114; Douglas Joers, 40, Pewaukee, speeding, $114.

Jason T. Kaatz, 19, Pewaukee, underage alcohol, $162.50; Alissa M. Klobukowski, 19, Colgate, inattentive driving, $101.40; Thomas H. Koepp, 47, Pewaukee, improper stop/turn signal, $101.40.

James A. Krause, 62, Sussex, speeding, $114; David J. Kreb, 51, Hartland, speedometer, $114; Michael A. Kuhl, 21, Hartland, unnecessary noise, $208.50.

James S. Leaman II, 26, Hartland, operating after revocation/suspension, $114; Nikole M. Lecher, 19, Pewaukee, disorderly conduct, $240; Suzanne M. Loose, 44, Pewaukee, inattentive driving, $101.40.

Robert J. Losiniecki, 26, Pewaukee, no insurance, $114; Monica E. Mariscal, 29, Pewaukee, no insurance, $114; Jacob A. Michlig, 22, Pewaukee, no insurance, $114 and speeding, $114.

Brock A. Nero, 47, Pewaukee, no driver's license on person, $114; Scott W. Olson, 42, Pewaukee, speedometer, $114; Susanne E. Paulus-Wehrman, 46, Sussex, no insurance, $114.

Kraig P. Pearson, 25, Pewaukee, speedometer, $114; James J. Pendergast, 61, Pewaukee, speeding, $114; Marilee J. Potter, 51, Hartland, speedometer, $114.

Mitch P. Rasmussen, 21, North Lake, reasonable and prudent violation, $126.60.

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